Telecom Products

ADM/MSPP & Cross-connect

  • Mechanical design of Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM/MSPP) and STM optical ring Cross-Connect products
  • Three piece 1RU chassis with reversible mounting brackets and pluggable fan assembly
  • Including procurement and assembly services

OSP Telecom Cabinet Retrofit Design

  • Designed custom components and electro-mechanical subassemblies using ProEngineer 2001 & Wildfire 2.0 to facilitate installation of new OEM equipment (DSL, GPON, etc.) into legacy outdoor telecom cabinets often requiring creative mounting configurations, upgraded AC and DC power capacity, increased battery backup, and enhanced thermal capabilities by introducing high flow fans, heat exchangers, and baffling
  • Performed thermal testing to ensure compliance with GR-487 including solar load considerations
  • Performed structural analysis using Mechanica integrated in ProEngineer

Ethernet Demarcation, Extension, and Aggregation Devices

  • Designed a NEBS 3 compliant natural convection cooled rack-mount Ethernet extension chassis for installation in a CO, co-location, or outdoor cabinet using ProEngineer 2001; components included formed sheet metal, aluminum extrusions, heatsinks, injection molded plastics, machining, overlays and flexible circuit displays
  • Designed an assortment of AC/DC powered Ethernet Network Interface Devices (NID) for customer premises applications using ProEngineer 2001; components included aluminum extrusions, die-cast covers, and graphic overlays
  • Worked with a 3rd party to analyze thermal characteristics of the chassis and circuit boards using IcePak

Class 5 Media Gateway – NEBS Compliant for Central Office (CO)

  • Designed a NEBS 3 compliant 19” 14RU rack mount Media Gateway chassis with a modular backplane & point-to-point high-speed cabling requiring forced convection thermal management using SolidWorks
  • Responsible for all mechanical design including PCB mechanical layout, EMI containment, power distribution, cable design, backplane layout, aluminum extrusions, injection molded litepipes, thermoformed cover panels, machining, and sheet metal design

Class 4 Digital Switching Products – NEBS Compliant for Central Office (CO)

  • Designed Central Office equipment using AutoCAD and ProEngineer, requiring: NEBS compliance, EMI containment, thermal analysis using Flotherm, seismic analysis using Images3D, implemented cost reductions, and process improvements
  • Cost reduced/weight reduced a GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic Cabinet used for housing CO Switching equipment