Product Liability

Product Liability

For a long time now I’ve had an idealistic view of Montana.  I’ve always felt like that would be the place to go to get away from the nonsense of this rat race.  I think it’s the allure of the wide open range that caused me to fall in love with Montana back when I was a child.  Maybe I watched too many westerns or Marlboro Man commercials.  Who knows.

Well, so much for that image.  This is a few months old but I just ran across it.  It appears an aluminum bat manufacturer has been sued and the plaintiff was awarded $850,000, upheld by the Montana Supreme Court, because they failed to properly warn of the increased speed at which the ball would leave the bat relative to a traditional wooden bat.  Apparently this increased speed results in a decreased time of travel to the pitcher’s mound.  Though it is unfortunate a man was killed by a hit ball, I seriously doubt he would have been able to read a warning label on the bat from that far away.

I really thought Montana folks would have their heads screwed on tigher than that.

Source: Insurance Journal

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